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SUPERHIMIKI Means Super-Chemists

This site is about young super-chemists of Belarus. The site is about those outstanding schoolgirls and schoolboys who participate and win in national and international chemistry olympiads.

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Chemistry Olympiad of the Republic of Belarus

The Belarusian Chemistry Olympiad is an annual multilevel competition with more than four decades of tradition. The olympiads are organized and coordinated by faculty members of chemistry departments of major Belarusian universities with financial support from the Ministry of Education. Most participants are high school students of grades 9 through 11. It is not unusual, however, that exceptionally gifted students of the eighth grade compete in the National Final. To ensure that younger students are not discouraged by advanced topics while senior students are challenged to test the limits of their abilities, three different versions of the exam are administered at each level.

Within each grade, selection of nominees for the National Final is conducted in three rounds. The first round is held in schools. In December, competitions within local school districts determine qualified participants for regional olympiads. The regional olympiads are held in January in each of the six administrative regions associated with the country's principal cities. The capital city of Minsk holds a separate competition elevated in status to regional. Approximately 30 students from each grade are nominated to sit for the National Exam.

The National Final consists of a theoretical exam and a laboratory practical. Each five-hour theoretical exam includes a 10-item multiple choice test and a set of 5 problems. The laboratory practical involves 1-2 experimental problems and lasts 4 to 5 hours. The winners of the National Final attend a study camp at the Belarusian State University (Minsk) in preparation for the Mendeleev Chemistry Olympiad and the International Chemistry Olympiad (IChO).

Theoretical Problems of the Belarusian Chemistry Olympiads

Belarus, National Final, 2010 (PDF 1 MB).
Belarus, National Final, 2009 (PDF 454K).
Belarus, National Final, 2008 (PDF 405K).
Belarus, National Final, 2007 (PDF 354K).
Belarus, National Final, 2006 (PDF 360K).
Belarus, National Final, 2005 (PDF 302K).
Belarus, National Final, 2004 (PDF 289K).
Belarus, National Final, 2003 (PDF 434K).
Belarus, National Final, 2002 (PDF 202K).
Belarus, National Final, 2001 (PDF 149K).
Translated by Viktor Staroverov, Ph.D.

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